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"Better water for 

      a better planet."

Everything starts with a need. The need to eliminate the hassles of lifting and storing heavy 5-gallon water bottles, the need to cut unnecessary costs when you can be purifying the water you are already paying for, and most importantly the need to provide safer, fresher, and better tasting drinking water. Now is the time to replace your existing drinking water system with Pure Water Technology.
We have partnered with PHSI Pure Water Technology® and Wellsys USA in order to "Go Beyond Green" in attempt to eliminate the environmental impact of plastic bottles in an affordable manner for businesses of all shapes and sizes in Central and South Texas. One business, your business, really can make a difference by joining us in our effort to promote "Technology for a Healthy Planet."


100% guarantee that we will back up with a Free 7 Day Trial.  Call 1-866-666-2592.

What do we provide for you?
          Better water.                                                               Better alternative.                                                           
1) Risk of contamination eliminated                                             1) Fixed cost for annual budget
2) Reverse Osmosis filtration                                                                  2) Convenience and ease
2) A healthy PH balance                                                                               3) Extra storage space
3) Complete purification                                                                                           4) Eco-friendly
4) Unlimited supply of hot and cold water                                      5) A free installation process
Introducing the 
Bottle-less Water System

Purified H2O provides our customers, businesses and homes, with an affordable alternative to bottled-water coolers. We promote health and wellness by purifying our water through a 9-step filtration process so that you can enjoy pure water, hot or cold, 24-7.